US Handcuffs and Collectibles
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I call this web site "The Bible". Joe Lauher has put
together a web site that covers every facet of
restraints. If you have a question regarding a
restraint you will find the answer here.
This web site features a superb collection from all
over the world. Alex Nichols has authored several
books that are excellent. Photos and text are
This is one great web site. Yossie Silverman has it
together. This site has a huge number of restraints
from several collections and an excellent index for
quick look up.
Absolutely gorgeous collection. Not only are the
restraints pristine, the photos are stunning. The
web site is in alphabetical order and a joy to
Every handcuff collector needs to read Mark
Lyons guide. Read this before you spend a
Click below
This is an amazing collection of over 400
restraints. Peter has done a great job of making
the site user friendly.  Each page appears in a
scrollable window with a picture of the handcuff.
It makes sorting different models a breeze.
John Bushey is a collector, a magician, and a
master lock and cuff-smith. John may also
have the largest collection of miniature
handcuffs. Here are some photos of his
incredible collection.
This German web site offers not only a superb
collection of restraints but also has suggested
pricing which can really help collectors. The site
is easy to navigate and is very well done.
Here is a great site for police and fire collectors.
Collectors-Badges features lots of items for sale
including badges, patches, hats, insignia pins, and
police equipment from countries around the world.
This is a very nice site dedicated to the
Washington D.C. Police Department. Great
photos of the past and the present as well as a
trading page and informative links.
Here is a superb site for padlock collectors. David
Heuermann's web site is a easy to navigate
collection of antique padlocks and is loaded with
great information. Very well done and informative.
Here is a great web site for handcuff and lock
collectors alike. The Restraints Blog has great
information on items including padlocks and
handcuffs. There is a menu of items posted on the
blog which include ebay auctions with detailed
information and the selling prices of the items. The
site is very easy to navigate and the photos are
detailed and very well done
Fred Pittella is a long time collector. Fred has a
fabulous handcuff collection as well as a
superb collection of very rare magic/escape
artist memorabilia. Fred's displays are among
the best you will see.
Jon Oliver is a renowned magician and escape artist
as well as an authority on Harry Houdini. Jon has an
amazing collection of over 600 handcuffs including
some extremely rare pieces once owned and used by
Houdini. Jon has also collected thousands of books
and as well as magic memorabilia from around the